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Current Turnarounds: C41 1-2 days B&W 2-4 days E6 10-14 days

How does it work?


Select your film processing service

Select your film format - 35mm or 120.

Determine what type of film you have and what development process it requires, we are able to process C41, B&W and E6 film, select the relevant option on our film processing page. Most 35mm film canisters and 120 spools indicate the process type required.

If you are still unsure just send us an email with some images and a description and we can help identify the processing required. 


Your classic colour negative film, produces colour images.


Traditional black and white film, produces black and white images. 


Colour reversal film that produces a positive image on the film.


Choose your scanning service

Next decide whether you need scans and what resolution would best suit your needs. We scan your negatives using a Noritsu HS1800 / LS1100 and provide you with a digital copy of each of your exposed frames.

No Scans

The film is processed producing negatives only, with no digital scans or physical prints, this option is common for individuals who prefer to scan at home or produce darkroom prints.

Low Resolution

Reference scans, ideal for instagram or simply seeing what is on your roll of film.

1544 x 1024 pixels 
Approximately 4.52mb / 1.3mb on disk
Printable up to 6 x 4 

Standard Resolution

Our most popular option, perfect for a variety of social media and online use, reasonable flexibility for printing.

3088 x 2048 pixels
Approximately 18.1mb / 4.2mb on disk
Printable up to 12 x 8 / A4

High Resolution (JPEG)

The largest compressed file format available, suitable for some editing and making adjustments in post.

6774 x 4492 pixels
Approximately 87.1mb / 19.3mb on disk
Printable up to 18 x 12 / A3

High Resolution (TIFF)

The highest resolution option available in an uncompressed file format, suitable for heavy editing and making adjustments in post.

6774 x 4492 pixels 
Approximately 87.1mb / 87.1mb on disk
Printable up to 24 x 16 / A2


Optional extras

6x4" Prints -  a set of 6x4” prints, printed on gloss media from our DNP dye sublimation thermal transfer printer.

Same Day Rush - our same day rush service is available on C41 and B&W film, for an additional surcharge we can guarantee you receive your scans same day.

Sleeving Options - we offer several sleeving options for your negatives, if you don't need / want your negatives you can opt for us to dispose of your negatives.


As standard we sleeve 35mm film into 6 strip translucent plastic sleeves.


Film will be returned uncut as a whole roll in a clear polyester continuous sleeve.

Archival Sleeve

Negatives are sleeved in an acid free ultra clear polypropylene ringbinder sleeve. The best option for long term storage and negative archiving.


Place your order

At checkout select your preferred negative handling option.

Delivery / Return Shipping - we will return your negatives to you via Royal Mail Tracked 48.

Pick Up
- your negatives will be kept at the lab for you to collect, we will send you a pick up notification when everything is ready to collect - please note we store negatives for a maximum of 3 months.

Dispose of Negatives - if you don't need / want your negatives we can dispose of them at the lab for you.


Getting your film to us

There are two options on how you can get your film to us, we can accept film via post or you can drop off your film at the lab.

Postal Guide

Drop Off Guide

Once your film is with us at the lab simply leave the rest to us, if you have ordered scans we will send them over via WeTransfer.